Cancer Diagnostics

OncoVille Cancer Hospital & Research Center, is a state-of-the-art, one stop solution for oncology diagnostics, biomarker and translational research, laboratory services and clinical research services. OncoVille have an integration of Laboratory services, Research and Development and Clinical research, with focus on innovation, quality and accuracy, for better diagnosis and prognosis of Cancer.

OncoVille Cancer Hospital is committed to providing quality and accurate diagnostic services to its clients, for better diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. Through its pan-India network, Strand provides routine, high-end molecular pathology and genomic services for oncology.

Our Center has good standard of diagnostic services, which improve safety and reduce costs. Diagnostics plays a crucial role in the detection of cancer and determining its stage. It also requires a highly skilled medical oncologist and a dedicated team of support staff. Accurate cancer diagnosis relies on a variety of imaging techniques like PET/CT scan, MRI scans, biopsies along with other diagnostic tools.


Cancer therapies involve a number of investigative procedures and examinations, which require taking images of the affected parts of the body. They may be invasive or non-invasive scanning procedures. Depending on the type of preliminary investigation, patients will undergo a combination of the following imaging techniques :


Digital Mammography


Pet-Ct Scan



Tests & Procedures

Aspiration & Biopsy


Bone Marrow

Cervical Smear


IV Cannula Insertion

Nasogastric Intubations


Tumor Biomarkers

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